Day 1: Succumbing to self-consciousness

12:50 p.m.

Is self-consciousness a word? We’ll keep it for now.

Today is day one of this adventure, and I’m already self-conscious.  Who am I to think that I have anything worthy of reading? I have a barely there, very basic bucket list of things most people are already doing, and I’m blogging as if I live a life of adventure, spontaneity, and fun.

I recently (as in 2 minutes ago) posted the link to this blog on Twitter, and I already feel sick. Is it because I’m nervous that no one will care? Or is it that I’m self-conscious about the things I’m writing?

I can’t say I have the definitive answer, but for now, there’s an imposter syndrome-sized pit in my stomach that makes me want to delete this whole thing.

Is adulthood embracing the things that scare you? Let’s find out.



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