Hi! My name is Erica, and I am not an adult.   I am also 25 and trying desperately to navigate adulthood.  After graduating with my master’s degree, I landed my dream job.  My life has been panning out exactly as I planned, which is terrifying.

So I’ve created this blog and subsequent bucket list of things to accomplish before 26. I want to make sure life isn’t too mundane. I want to make sure I am embracing the hard work I’ve been putting in to get where I am today, but also making sure that I let life be the adventure it’s meant to be.

About me: I love podcasts and craft beer.  I have intense wanderlust and love a good roadtrip. I am always down for a food adventure and never down for physical activity. I sing most of my conversations, talk back to Netflix, and truly believe I have the best friends in the world.